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About Us

About Samberg Performance

Samberg Performance started out of a 2 car garage in 2002 as a custom automotive fabrication shop. Since that time, we have evolved into a production parts shop, focused on LS1 conversation parts for the FD RX7.

Our main focus is designing and building high quality parts that can be bolted in, but we do custom work as well. For example, we can design and build a one off chassis for a hot rod or race car, and complete any other type of sheet metal work you desire.

About the Owner

Owner Justin Samberg was passionate about cars from an early age, working on his own cars, eventually landing a job at Don’s Work Shop, a small race car fabrication shop in Pleasant Hill, California. After a few years at Westbury Hot Rods and Bikes and Dominator Street Rods, he eventually came to the conclusion that it was time to do his own thing.

Why the FD RX7

“The FD RX7 is just about the best platform for a late model v8 engine swaps because, as most everyone knows, the rotary blows! It’s also very expensive to rebuild. Out of the three generations of RX7′s the FD has held its resale value, the best, so owners can justify investing the money  to keep one of these cars alive!” Owner Justin Samberg

How Did it Start

“The FD RX7 parts business started when one of our customers came to us looking for a bolt in solution for an  8.8 IRS differential out of a Mustang. We took a chance and spent about a month building tooling and fixturing to reproduce what is still basically the same unit that we produce today. It ended up being a huge success, and within the first year, we designed a complete mounting kit that is now the standard for V8 swaps for the FD. Owner Justin Samberg

What Goes Into Development

“All parts for production are first made by hand on a real car. From there, we reverse Engineer the parts into a CAD program that can be used for just about any machining process. The fixturing is designed the same way, to where we can water jet or even use rapid prototyping to produce a fixture right off a CAD drawing.” Owner Justin Samberg


Shipping Policies

Given the weight and custom nature of our products, shipping is handled in a separate transaction. Please add items to your cart and complete your purchase. Once your parts are packaged, shipping and handling will be charged separately. Read more